Valve Service

Overhaul, Repair, Testing SAT, Blasting, Painting

Why us ?

Sepadu Engineering Sdn Bhd provide complete solution for valve include inspection, service, repair, overhaul, calibration, valve testing, SAT (Site Acceptance Test), valve blasting & painting in Bintulu Miri, Sarawak and Brunei.
Our service covers major industries include power plants, oil and gas industry, offshore marine, vessels, wood mill, palm oil refinery and other general industries.

Why us ? Beyond competitive prices and delivery, our local in-house valve servicing expert team are always available to support you on site .

Valve Services

Valve service and maintenance is the core of Sepadu.

Our Capabilities

Valve Servicing

Valve Maintenance, repair and overhaul, testing SAT blasting and offshore coating painting. Our certified technician are capable.


Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electric Motor actuator installation. We are also capable to service & repair actuators.

valve blasting & painting

Offshore painting and coating for marine and offshore platform equipment. We are also able to provide abrasive blasting service.

Valve pressure test & SAT

Pressure Test for valves with our complete equipment. We can do Site Acceptance Test (SAT) in Sarawak & Brunei Region with our mobile equipment.

Certified technician

Mechanical (static and rotating) engineers and technicians with true industrial experiences.

lubricant & fittings

We deliver the best lubricants and fittings for ball valves

Onsite Maintenance

Onsite valve service including installation, testing and greasing.


In-house trucks and equipment are able to mobilise to anywhere in Sarawak and Brunei

Valve Service
for all industries in Malaysia & Brunei

Based in Miri and Bintulu

Sarawak & Brunei

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Power Plants

We provide valve servicing, overhaul and testing services for major power plants in Sarawak Region. Participating in Annual Turn Over Maintenance.

Oil and Gas

We provide valve servicing, overhaul and testing services for oil and gas industry. Sepadu also provide SAT (Site Acceptance Test) service for Petronas Vendor and contractor.